This week, Jeanne and I had the opportunity to do a presentation about germs and handwashing at Juanita Gardine Elementary School here in St. Croix. We presented two times, one to sixth graders and the other to third graders. The presentation started off with a powerpoint about germs and common illnesses that they can get from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. We were especially impressed with the intelligence of the third graders in their responses to our questions. The sixth graders then surprised us with questions of their own about various ways they can prevent themselves and their classmates from getting sick. Included in our presentation, we used a blacklight on the kids’ hands to show that germs are still there even when they cannot see them. The kids loved using the blacklight, and they were shocked to see that germs can stay on their hands even if they have washed their hands that day. Jeanne and I taught the kids good handwashing skills and put them to the test while having them clean their hands and use the blacklight again. Overall, the presentation was a success, and the kids at Juanita Gardine can use their new handwashing skills to better fight germs and prevent sickness in their school.

~ Morgan McMahon

JG front   JG2




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