Over the last two weeks we have experienced a total immersion into the culture of this Caribbean Island jewel and so today we say good bye to St. Croix. This group not only leaves their footprints in the sands but has also touched the lives of many people who call the island home.

We conducted 103 blood pressure screenings at the Saturday market, screened 241 junior high school students for scoliosis, educated 130 elementary students about dental care, educated 55 fourth and fifth graders about internet safety, provided 30 elementary school students education about hand washing, danced an afternoon away with 30 staff members and residents at Flamboyant Gardens, and provided a health and wellness seminar to ten residents at Flamboyant Gardens. Many of the students had the opportunity to work in the hospital Emergency Room, work with doctors and nurses at Fredriksted Health Care, and Continuum Health Care. Students all visited with 27 residents at Queen Louise  Home for Children and each child received a gift of flip-flops, socks, and treats from the students and faculty.

The students leave today with a new found humility, appreciation for each other, and 19 Cruzan bracelets to forever remember their community health experience at USF. We look forward to continuing to mentor these students, watching them develop into the Bull nurses that they will become.

~Dr. Shar Smith & Dr. Betty Jordan

  •  Dr. J final.png

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